Writing Prompt Boxes - Free Download

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This product contains information on how to put together Writing Prompt Boxes and ideas on how to use them with your learners.

Often our children are at a loss when we ask them to write, even when we provide them with a prompt. Many children struggle to come up with ideas to write about and find writing to be overwhelming. Writing about something they can’t see can be too abstract, especially for our younger writers. Older learners often have the ability to write, but just need a little nudge.

Writing prompt boxes help to get children excited about writing and give them a hands-on way to develop an original story.


Summary: Children will use writing prompt boxes to help them generate ideas and develop stories.

Objective: To provide children with a tactile and visual way to write.

Target Age: Writing prompt boxes can be adapted to any age or ability level.

Time: Varies with writing activity.

Materials needed: shoe boxes or boxes of similar size and items for each theme to be place in the prompt box.

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