Writing in Mathematics - Free Download

by Learning To Love Literacy

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While it is extremely important that our students can accurately perform calculations it is equally important that they understand why they are doing it and can articulate it in their own words.

For example: Many or our students can add an equation with ease, but cannot properly explain what addition is in their own words or what the equal sign means. The vocabulary of mathematics cannot be deduced using context clues. It is basically a foreign language. Students need to really use each key word extensively before they “own” the word and the concept associated with it.

Providing your students with a daily opportunity to write during math time can drastically increase their understanding of mathematics.

Summary: Students will write daily during maths time.

Objective: To help students understand key terms and concepts within the content areas.

Target Age: Writing activities can be adapted to fit the target skills for a specific age group.

Time: 5-10 minutes.

Materials needed: Maths Journal for each child.

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