Transition Verse - PreK - 3 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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Transition Verse  is a book of original verse for use in your classroom.

It’s during transition times in the classroom that things may get a little chaotic and out of control. This can result in student behaviour problems that are frustrating when they occur and can affect the quality of learning for the rest of the day.

Now you can transition your Preschool to Grade 2 students from one activity to the next fuss free with this entertaining and fun book of Transition Verse. Use the verse to implement your strategies for teaching your students to become independent during transition times.

Transition Verse contains 40 original poems written by Very Busy Teachers’ developers Irene Reardon and Heather Collins and the poems have been used in Early Childhood Classrooms. Young students have loved the poems and are attentive and waiting their turn as 'today's poem' is read.

These poems may also be used in other poetry settings in the classroom. The poems are in rhyme and have colour illustrations.

Transition Verse contains the following poems:

* Five Tired Frogs
* Five Little Peas
* Two Little Flowers
* Whistle Wind
* Gerry Giraffe
* Tick Tock
* Presents from Santa
* One Brown Dog and One Grey Cat
* Busy Bees
* Clapping
* Ten Little Sugar Ants
* Blow Me a Kiss
* Green Caterpillar
* Hot Days
* Puddles
* Trains
* Three Bright Candles
* Tiptoe Tiptoe
* Three Little Children
* Five Straight Soldiers
* Three Little Birds
* The Easter Bunny
* Two Clever Teddy Bears
* Elves and Fairies
* Five Little Bees
* Wallabies Walking
* Three Cheeky Monkeys
* A Forest of Tall Trees
* Four Little Onions
* Flutter By Butterfly
* The Snail’s Lunch
* One Blue Bird
* Five Teddy Bears
* Slowly Slowly
* Five Fabulous Fish
* Three Pink Pigs
* Three Yellow Ducks
* Five White Pelicans
* Busy Kangaroos
* Sleepy Cockatoos

Have fun with Transition Verse!

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