St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - US English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This St Patrick's Day Thematic Unit is suitable for Grades 3 and 4.

US English Version

27 Pages

This St Patrick’s Day Thematic Unit contains worksheets and activities. These include:

•   St Patrick’s Day Wordsearch – Students are asked to find 8 St Patrick’s Day words hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in the wordsearch. An answer key for this worksheet has been included.

•   Hidden Shamrocks – 5 four-leaf clovers have been hidden in a Shamrock field. A pictorial version of a wordsearch where students are asked find the these four-leaf symbols of hope, faith, love and luck.

•   St Patrick’s Day Riddles – Using St Patrick’s Day themed words provided in a word-box students are asked to solve 9 St Patrick’s Day riddles.

•   Leprechaun Trap – Legend has it that catching a leprechaun is good luck. This worksheet requires students to invent a trap to catch a leprechaun in. They are to draw what it looks like and explain how it works.

•   Lucky Charms Tally – Students are asked to determine whether a box of Lucky Charms cereal holds the same number of each shape. This is best done as a whole group. Students will group the various shapes together and then tally how many of each shape is present.

•   Lucky Charms Graph – The data collected from the Lucky Charms Tally worksheet is then transferred to a bar graph. They are then asked to answer 3 questions related to the information correlated on the graph.

•   Leprechauns – Leprechauns are fairy shoe-makers. Students read The Leprechaun poem provided. They then design a pair of fairy shoes that they would make if they were a leprechaun.

•   Irish Blessing – Students are required to complete 5 unfinished Irish Blessings by choosing the best ending from the list provided. An answer key for this worksheet has been included.

•   The Leprechaun Song – This worksheet asks students to fill in the 12 words missing from the song The Leprechaun. A word box is provided for children to choose words from. An answer key for this worksheet has been included.

•   The Magic Stone – Kissing the Blarney Stone is said to give people the gift of gab. The word blarney means to charm, flatter, or persuade. Do your students have the gift of blarney? Students will write a letter below convincing a leprechaun he should give them his gold.

•   Who Is St Patrick? – Students are asked to label 9 statements taken from a short passage about St Patrick as True or False.

•   Limericks – Students are asked to write a funny limerick about a leprechaun. They are given an explanation and an example of what a limerick is.

•   St Patrick’s Day Word Problems – A math worksheet where students will solve 5 St Patrick’s word problems. An answer key is provided for this worksheet.

•   Find the Pot of Gold - Liam the Leprechaun needs to bury his gold! Draw a pot of gold in each grid coordinate indicated below. An answer key is included.

•   St Patrick’s Day Game – Your students work for a game company and have been asked to create a St. Patrick’s Day game. They are to design the game, game pieces, create playing cards, and decorate the game board. Blank Move Forward Cards and Move Backward Cards, and game board are included.

Answer Keys are included

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day