St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit - Grades 1-2 - US English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit is suitable for Grades 1 and 2.

34 Pages

US English Version

This unit contains the following:

* Word Search – students will find the St. Patrick’s day words in the Search and color them green.

* Hidden Shamrocks - the four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck in Ireland. The leaves represent hope, faith, love and luck. Students will find the 5 four-leaf clovers hidden in the shamrock field in the worksheet.

* St Patrick’s Day Riddles - students are provided with St Patrick’s day words to complete 9 riddles.

* Leprechaun Trap – students will design and draw a leprechaun trap and describe how it works.

* Lucky Charms Sort - students will sort Lucky Charm shapes into groups by colour

* Lucky Charms Graph - students will record their Lucky Charms Sort results on a graph by gluing marshmallows in the correct spot.

* Leprechauns - facts about the Leprechaun and their Fairy Cobbler history. Students are asked to design and draw a pair of fairy shoes of the their own.

* Irish Blessings - the Irish are known for their blessings. The worksheet provides 5 Irish unfinished blessings and asked to write an ending for each one.

* The Leprechaun Poem - students will draw an illustration of the Leprechaun poem provided.

* The Blarney Stone - this worksheet provides a short history of the Blarney stone. The word Blarney means to charm, flatter or persuade. Student’s will then write a sentence to convince a leprechaun to give them their pot of gold and see if they have the ‘gift of the Blarney”.

* Pot of Gold Map - students will draw a map to show where they would hide their pot of gold.

* The End of the Rainbow - a fact sheet about rainbows. Students will color the pot of gold and the rainbow in the correct colors.

* Who is St Patrick - this worksheet provides information about St. Patrick. Students will answer five True or False comprehension questions for this passage.

* Limericks - an introduction to Limericks. Students will write their own funny Limerick using the prompts provided at the beginning of each line.

* St. Patrick’s Day Word Problems – 5 St Patrick’s Day math word problems. Student’s may draw a picture to help them solve the problems.

* Find the Pot of Gold - Liam the Leprechaun needs to bury his gold! Students will cut out the pots of gold and glue them in the correct spot on the grid provided.

* Lucky Sudoku - students will cut out the St Patrick’s day pictures provided. Place them in the boxes. They may not place the same picture in any 4 squares that make up a row or column. A few have been done to get them started.

* Handwriting - using the letter L l .

* Spelling - Sight words provided will be written in the four leaf clovers.

* The Irish Flag - this worksheet provides facts about the Irish flag and student’s will color the picture of the flag provided.

* Race to the Rainbow - A St Patrick’s Day Game - students will color their leprechaun playing pieces, choose instructions cards in turn and the first leprechaun to get their pot of gold to the end of the rainbow is the winner. Games sheet uses four leaf clovers.

* 7 St. Patrick's Day Image Colouring Sheets

All relevant answer keys are provided in this St Patrick’s Day Thematic Unit

Also includes one black and white and one colored lined worksheet for extra writing for student’s who need extra guide lines.

Have a fun and a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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