Space Thematic Unit - Grades 1-2 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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AU NZ UK English Version

26 Pages

This Space Thematic Unit for use with Grades 1-2 contains the following activities, games and worksheets:

  • Planetary Facts Game - Includes planetary fact cards, game board and game cards.
  • Animals in Space - Background information sheet and comprehension worksheet.
  • Ordering the Planets - Students will name the planets on the illustration provided and draw the asteroid belt between the inner and outer planets.
  • The Moon – What Causes Craters Science Experiment - Students will develop a hypothesis, record the procedure, graph their data, draw what they see, record their observations and conclusion.
  • Moon Phase Calendar - Students draw the moon as it appears in the night sky on each day of a given month. A list of websites for moon calendars is included for teachers.
  • The Moon Writing Prompt - Students will write their own folktale about the moon using the writing prompt provided.
  • Jake and Emma Visit the Space Station - Background information sheet and comprehension worksheet.
  • Space Station Journal - Students will keep a daily journal for the seven day trip to the Space Station outlining everything they would do and see.
  • Space Station Trip - Students will make a packing list of the items they would take if they were going to the Space Station.
  • Rotation vs. Revolution - Background information sheet and comprehension worksheet.
  • Rotate or Revolve - Students will place each of the words provided in the box under the correct heading to show which items rotate and which revolve.
  • Space Rocks - Background information on asteroid, meteors and comets. Students will then fill in the space rocks quiz.
  • Create a Space Habitat - Students will design a cage for a hamster living in space, they are provided with the requirements that must be met.

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