Rainforest Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - US English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This Rainforest Thematic Unit for Grades 3-4 contains the following information sheets, worksheets, activities and games:

US English Version

34 pages

* Where In The World - Information and worksheet about the main tropical rainforests in the world.

* Layers of A Tropical Rainforest – Information sheet.

* Layers of a Tropical Rainforest - Comprehension worksheet.

* Find The Poison Dart Frog - Grid co-ordinate exercise.

* Rainforest Words - Wordsearch

* Rainforest Math - Word Problems

* Save The Rainforest - Information sheet. Students are asked to write a letter asking people to help protect the Rainforests of the World; they must give good reasons in the letter.

* Comparing Rainforests - Information sheet on tropical and temperate rainforests. Students will use this information to complete the compare and contrast worksheet.

* Treasures of the Rainforest - Report Writing. Students will write a report on one useful product that man obtains from a rainforest.

* Butterfly Symmetry - Students will colour the butterfly template in perfect symmetry. * Amazon Adventure - Students are asked to imagine they are a bioprospector searching for a plant or animal species in the rainforest. They are to write about their adventure and illustrate their story.

* Rainforest Patterns – Pattern exercise using rainforest animals. 

* Rainforest Food Chain - Information sheet and comprehension questions and a food chain chart to be completed by students.

* Rainforest Animal Trading Card - Students will choose a rainforest animal they would like to learn more about, research it and complete the trading card provided.

* Poisonous Tessallations - A tessellation pattern exercise featuring the Poison Dart Frog.

* Amazon River Adventure - A game to test learning from the information and worksheets in this Thematic Unit.

* Create a Model Rainforest Canopy - Science experiment.

* All Answer Keys are included