Rainforest Clipart

by Learning To Love Literacy

This product is digital download in zip format.

This Rainforest Clipart Resource contains the following:

There are 13 character presented in 25 images in png format in colour and black outline as follows:

Anaconda  (Colour and Black Outline)

Rainforest Scene  (Colour)

Blue Morph Butterfly  (Colour and Black Outline)

Assassin Bug (Colour and Black Outline)

Cassowary  (Colour and Black Outline)

Gibbon  (Colour and Black Outline)

Helconia Hanging Lobster  (Colour and Black Outline)

Hibiscus Harlequin Bug  (Colour and Black Outline)

Jaguar (Colour and Black Outline)

Orchid  (Colour and Black Outline)

Piranha  (Colour and Black Outline)

Red Eye Tree Frog  (Colour and Black Outline)

Toucan  (Colour and Black Outline)

All images are subject to the following Terms of Use.

***TERMS OF USE: Personal and limited commercial use. Copyright © remains with Irene Reardon.

This is intended for use by one parent/caregiver or one teacher in one classroom. It is not to be redistributed to an entire school or district. It may not be redistributed or sold online or other selling outlets.


You MAY use these designs in unlimited ways for PERSONAL classroom and crafting and creative projects including creating worksheets, bulletin boards, activities, readers, digital scrapbook layouts, craft items, etc.

You MAY use these designs for COMMERCIAL crafting and creative projects, including business cards, banners, websites, and items to sell, AS LONG AS you combine them with other things and create NEW works AND give graphics credits with link to our store. Please use this link: https://learningtoloveliteracy.com 

You MAY share finished projects that you create in online galleries, blogs and websites. PLUS, if you send us a link to what you create, we will cross-promote your shop on our social media outlets!

You MAY give appropriate credit in galleries, on facebook, and other social media. This is very much appreciated!! Please use the following link: https://learningtoloveliteracy.com

********* HOW YOU MAY NOT USE THIS CLIPART *********

You MAY NOT claim as your own work, altered or unaltered. Copyright © of images remains with Irene Reardon.

You MAY NOT share, resell, or redistribute these designs AS IS (as a digital art file) in any way. This means you may not add these images to other clip art kits, digital collections, etc.

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