Plants Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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AU NZ UK English Version

This Plants Thematic Unit for Grades 3-4 consists of 23 Pages of Information, Worksheets and Activities as follows:

  • Sowing Seeds Game - students will win this game by being the person who makes it to the garden with the most seeds.
  • Game Cards and Board
  • Planting Sock Science Experiment - students will investigate how animals help with the spread of seeds.
  • Planting Sock Information Sheet.
  • Planting Sock Observation and Record Sheet
  • Seeds Comprehension - An information sheet and comprehension questions about seeds with Answer Key.
  • Parts of a Plant Information and Fact Sheet
  • Parts of a Plant - students will label the parts of the plant and explain the job of each one.
  • Parts of a Plant Answer Key
  • Photosynthesis with Answer Key - from the fact sheet provided students will explain what is happening in the diagram representation of photosynthesis.
  • Parts of a Flower Wordsearch with Answer Key - students will study the parts of a flower from the fact sheet provided and then complete the Wordsearch.
  • Origami Flower - students will make an Origami flower.
  • Bulbs and Seeds with Answer Key - using the Venn Diagram students will compare and contrast bulbs and seeds from the information provided.
  • Carnivorous Plants Comprehension with Answer Key - students are provided with an information sheet on carnivorous plants and will answer the comprehension questions.
  • Carnivorous Plants Writing Prompt - students will design and draw their own meat eating plant and then write a paragraph to describe it.
  • Plant Report Form - students will research and write a report on a plant that is used to help save lives.
  • Community Garden - Design Your Own Garden - students will learn about community gardens and then design their own.

All Answer Keys Included

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