Plants Thematic Unit - Grades 1-2 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

This Plants Thematic Unit consists of 20 Pages of Information and Worksheets as follows:

  • Sowing Seeds Game - the winner of this game is the student who makes it the end with the most seeds.
  • Game Cards and Board
  • Science Experiment for Planting Sock - students will conduct an experiment to learn how animals help seeds travel.
  • Planting Sock Fact Sheet
  • Planting Sock Observation and Record Sheet
  • How Seeds Travel From Place to Place - Students will draw a pictorial representation from the facts given about how seeds travel via wind, water and animals.
  • How Seeds Travel from Place to Place Comprehension Sheet with Answer Key
  • Photosynthesis with Answer Key - a great introduction to photosynthesis for students in the lower grades. This is a coloring activity.
  • Parts of a Plant Picture Story with Answer Key, students will label the parts of the plant.
  • Parts of a Flower Wordsearch with Answer Key
  • Origami Flower - students will make an Origami flower.
  • Bulbs and Seeds Word Scramble with Answer Key - from the fact sheet provided students will unscramble the words in the diagrams of a bulb and a seed.
  • Carnivorous Plants Comprehension with Answer Key.
  • Carnivorous Plants Writing Prompt - students will design and draw their own meat eating plant! They will then write three sentences about it.
  • Plant Report Form - an introduction to research and report writing for the younger grades. Students are asked to research a plant that helps save lives and then write a short sentence report on it.
  • Community Garden - students will learn about community gardens from the facts provided and then design their own garden.

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