Keeping Track of Centre Work - Free Download

by Learning To Love Literacy

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Since so much of classroom instruction is done in small groups, students spend a significant portion of their day working independently or in centres. It is extremely important that students are doing quality work in centres and that you implement a simple yet effective way to measure their work. Your entire weekend should not be spent sorting through centre work.

To help students manage their centre work, give each student a folder and a Can Do-Will Do chart. Explain to students that they must first complete their Will Do work and then they must choose at least one Can Do to complete. Can Do activities can be levelled based on difficulty to differentiate them. These activities can be centre based, seat based, or a mixture of both.

Summary: Children will use a Can Do-Will Do Chart to manage their centre work.

Objective: To ensure quality work is being completed in centres.

Target Age: Can Do-Will Do activities can be adapted for the target age level.

Time: Time will vary by activity.

Materials needed: Can Do-Will Do Chart for each student.

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