How To Cook With Children In The Classroom

by Learning To Love Literacy

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Cooking with children starts early with a parent’s little helper stirring, adding, tipping, mixing, licking, tasting, and making a big enjoyable mess. Cooking with children should be an activity of exploration and fun. Cooking always has a positive end result with the eating of what the children have cooked.

Cooking crosses the curriculum like no other activity and is a learning experience no matter what the age of the child.

An important aim of cooking with children is to teach them the importance of a healthy diet and allow them to understand food groups so they can make healthy choices about what they eat.

Includes 4 cooking class activities.

1. Cooking With A Recipe

2. Designing and Writing a Menu

3. Healthy Eating

4. Weights and Measures

Suggestions on how to use these activities are included plus templates.

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