Easter Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This Easter Thematic Unit is suitable for Grades 3 and 4.

AU NZ UK English Version

25 Pages

This Easter Thematic Unit contains worksheets and activities. These include:

  • Easter Wordsearch – Students will search vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to find the Easter words hidden in the wordsearch.
  • Easter Goodies – Art – student’s will draw treats to fill the Easter basket.
  • Easter Riddles - students will match the description with the Easter word.
  • Easter Egg Decorating – Art – students will decorate an Easter Egg image.
  • Easter Confectionery Survey and Graph - Students survey peers and graph results.
  • Design a Bunny – Art – students will design their own Easter bunny.
  • The Easter Bilby - Writing
  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail - students will create a comic strip.
  • Your Easter Traditions – students will describe what their favourite family tradition is.
  • Rabbit or Hare – Comparison – students will compare rabbits and hares using the information provided.
  • Easter Symbols - Brainstorming and Writing
  • Easter Word Problems - Problem Solving
  • Feed the Easter Bunny - Plotting Co-ordinates
  • Easter Game – students will design and decorate an Easter game board.
  • 6 Colouring Sheets
  • Answer Keys

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