Earth Day Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - US English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This Earth Day Thematic Unit is suitable for Grades 3 and 4.

21 Pages


This unit contains the following:

* All About Earth Day - this worksheet provides information about Earth Day and students will complete 5 comprehension questions.

* How Well Do You Know Your Planet? A quiz for students to evaluate how well they know their planet.

* Who Needs Trees? Students are provided with an information sheet on deforestation, that state of our forest and why we need trees. They will then answer the 5 comprehension questions.

* Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Educating student's about reducing waste, reusing and recycling what we can is important in showing them how they can help the planet. Students are given information and fact sheet and then will answer questions for understanding of the different term reduce, reuse and recycle.

* How Green Are You? - students are given a check list of earth saving activities to see which ones they practice and therefore how green they are.

* A Letter From Earth - students will write a letter from the perspective of the Earth convincing people to take better care of it.

* Fun With Words - students will fill in the missing words from the quotes about our Earth.

* Earth Day Scavanger Hunt - workind individually or in groups students will find a list of items in nature.

* Earth Day Word Search.

* Reuse and Recycle - We produce billions of pounds of garbage each year. Where does all this trash go? Landfills! We are running out of room for trash on our planet. A lot of the things we throw away everyday can be reused or recycled. Students will write each word in the word box provided in the proper container illustration.

* Earth Day Product Design - student's will think of a container that could be more earth friendly and will then redesign it. They are then to write and explanation of why their container is the better option.

* Earth Day Superhero Story - Superheroes like Superman protect the Earth from bad guys, but who protects the Earth? Students will create a superhero to protect the Earth using a trading card template to design their superhero. They will then write an Earth Day Superhero Story.

* Earth Day Superhero Template

* Eco-Transportation - students will learn about fossil fuels and then design and label their own vehical that uses some alternative friendly fuel.

* Plus Relevant Answer Keys for Worksheets

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