Dinosaur Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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AU NZ UK English Version

This Dinosaur Thematic Unit for Grades 3-4 contains the following activities and worksheets:

  • What is a Dinosaur? - Background information and comprehension worksheet.
  • Comparing Dinosaurs - Students will use the chart provided to find the weight of the dinosaurs in the equations. They will write the greater than > or less than < symbol to make each equation correct.
  • What’s in a Name - Background information on how dinosaurs are named. Students will use the chart provided to figure out the names of each dinosaur.
  • Dinosaur Vocabulary - Students will match two pieces of each dinosaur vocabulary word together from the chart provided and write them on the lines.
  • Alphabetical Order - Students will place the dinosaur egg illustrations in alphabetical order numbering them 1 to 6.
  • Jurassic Patterns - Students will circle the dinosaur that comes next in each pattern sequence.
  • Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? - Students are provided with background information and then will write a story to explain how they think the dinosaurs became extinct.
  • Digging Up Dinosaurs - Background information sheet.
  • Making Words - Students will see how many words they can make from the word ‘palaeontology’.
  • Dinosaur Report – Students will choose a dinosaur they want to learn more about and fill in the fact card.
  • Back in Time with the Dinosaurs - Students will write a word for each of the parts of speech listed. When they are finished they will fill in the story making sure to write the words in the number order provided.
  • Design a Dinosaur - Background information is provided on some the physical characteristics of dinosaurs. Students are to draw themselves as a dinosaur and name the dinosaur after themselves   …………..osaurus.
  • Carnivore v. Herbivore - Students will compare the tyrannosaurs rex and the brachiosaurus illustrations provided and write three ways they differ.
  • Dinosaur Jokes - A fun activity where students will draw a line from the dinosaur jokes to the correct answers.
  • Dinosaur Tangram
  • If Dino’s Lived Today - Students are asked to imagine if dinosaurs were not extinct and still roamed the earth and write how they think our lives would different.
  • Dinosaur Word Problems
  • Where Did Dinosaurs Live? - Background information and puzzle worksheet of the continents.
  • Dinosaur Dig Game - Grid co-ordinate game for practicing plotting on a simple grid.
  • All Answer Keys Included.

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