Christmas Thematic Unit - Grades 3-4-5 - US English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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US English Version.

Learning to Love Literacy presents a thematic unit with a Christmas theme for grades 3-4.

This Christmas thematic unit has 40 pages consisting of the following fact sheets, worksheets and activities:

  • Christmas Spelling Word List - a list of Christmas themes spelling words for students as we approach the holiday season.
  • Christmas Bingo - students will choose words and write them on their bingo sheet and draw a picture of each word they chose.
  • Christmas Spelling Activities – this activity sheet provides 9 separate activities for students to complete to enhance their spelling skills.
  • ABC Order with Answer Key – students are to write the list of Christmas words in ABC order.
  • Christmas Analogies with Answer Key - this worksheet presents students with a list of Christmas words in a word box and then they are to complete the 10 analogy sentences provided using these words.
  • Reindeer Mixup with Answer Key - a word problem asking students to put the reindeer in the correct order from the clues provided. Cut out illustrations to help students solve the problem are provided in this worksheet.
  • Christmas Sequencing - this is a sequencing activity using the poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’.
  • Snowman Writing Activity – students are asked to provide a list of nouns and verbs they would use to describe how to make a snowman and then write a story using these words.
  • Christmas Writing Activity - the elves are tired from long hours of work in preparation for Christmas. Students are asked to write a letter to Santa from the perspective of the head elf outlining a list of demands to improve their working conditions.
  • Christmas Stocking Activity - students are asked to fill the large stocking illustration with pictures of all the things they like best about the Christmas season.
  • Reindeer Wordsearch with Answer Key - students will find the reindeer words in the word search.
  • Christmas Gift Activity – students are provided with an illustration of a Christmas tree. They are then to draw a gift box for each family member under the tree and draw a present inside each gift box. They will pictorially decorate the Christmas tree.
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas - 3 worksheets:
  1. Worksheet 1 - students will match the image in the Christmas ball to the correct day of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas
  2. Worksheet 2 - students will pretend they are one of Santa’s elves and are responsible for mailing all gift requests. They will need to figure out how many of each of the gift in the song to send to the recipient.
  3. Worksheet 3 - students are asked to write their own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Christmas Around the World - Passport Activity for Different Countries - Students make their own passport and study Christmas traditions in different countries.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Christmas Around the World Activity with Answer Key - Students answer questions about Christmas traditions and celebrations in different countries from the study information provided.
  • Christmas Traditions Around The World - study information on different countries.
  • Holiday Math with Answer Key - students will solve Christmas tree words problems and illustrate their answer.
  • Fill The Stockings Math Worksheet with Answer Key - this is a skip count activity to find how many stocking were hung by the chimney.
  • Ginger Bread House Math - students will solve the math clues to decorate the house.
  • Candy Cane Measurement – students will cut out candy cane illustrations and use them to complete measurement activities.

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Learning to Love Literacy wishes everyone a Very Merry Christmas.

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