Animal Life Thematic Unit - Grades 1-2 - AU NZ UK English Version

by Learning To Love Literacy

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This Animal Life Thematic Unit is suitable for Grades 1 and 2.

22 Pages

This unit contains the following:

  • Animal Writing Prompt - Research and writing exercise using animals as a part of literature.
  • Fairy Tale Animals -   Students will complete the famous fairy tale titles to show how animals have featured in literature over the years.
  • Animal Report Form - Students will choose an animal they are interested in and write a report using the report form provided.
  • Animal Habitat - Student’s will ‘create a new animal’ by morphing two animals from different habitats. They will then design a new habitat for their animal.
  • Food Chain War Game - This game is designed to increase student knowledge of the levels a food chain.
  • Animal Similes - Students will fill in the animal simile examples in the sentences provided.
  • Animal Taxonomy – Word Search with information tracing the taxonomy of the Siberian Tiger to teach how classification works.
  • Bird House -   Students will design, draw and colour their own bird house.
  • Bird Beaks - Information and comprehension sheet teaching about the various types of bird beaks and the ways different birds use their beaks.
  • Camouflage Science Experiment -   An activity to demonstrate how animals use camouflage. Students will complete the record sheet provided to demonstrate their findings.
  • The Food Chain - Information sheet and comprehension worksheet to teach the three major elements of the food chain.
  • All Answer Keys Included

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