A Survival Guide for New Teachers - Early Childhood and Primary

by Learning To Love Literacy

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30 pages of useful ideas to help you make the transition from university student to teacher with ease.

Learning To Love Literacy has produced this Survival Guide for New Teachers of Early Childhood and Primary Students.

This e-book was written to help you to de-stress and feel confident in tackling your new experience as a teacher – to assist you as you embark on your chosen career. If you follow the steps presented, it will help you to have an easy transition into any new work environment.



Where On Earth Is Edensville?

Getting To Know Your New Workplace

Setting Up Your Learning Area

You As The Teacher What Are Your Plans?

Your Learning Area Rules and Zero Tolerance Of Bullying

Know Your Students – the Importance of Learning Styles

Creativity in Teaching and Learning

Teaching a Solid Foundation in Mathematics and Language

Communicating With Parents

Do Your Research

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