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Readers Workshop | Selecting Books

A very important part of the readers workshop is allowing students to select books that they are interested in reading. This strategy allows you to foster a love of reading for your students that will last a lifetime. We all know that the more time your students spend reading the better readers they will become.  Many teachers have established a system where students select books from the classroom library and keep them in some sort of book box or bag to read throughout the week.

Readers Workshop

There are many different ways to manage the circulation of books through the classroom library and into students’ book boxes and teachers need to find the way that works best for them. It may take a great deal of experimentation to discover the best system of book check in and check out for your teaching style.

A common problem with students selecting and returning their own books though is that books often end up in the wrong baskets. Students are often in a rush to get new books and do not take the time to properly put away their old ones, tossing them into any book bin they see. One way to alleviate this problem is to have students work with a buddy or a reading partner to return books together.

If you use Daily 5 or some other type of center based time in your classroom, one of the weekly stations could be book shopping with a buddy. The children work together to help each other select books, as well as return books from the previous week. This greatly increases the chances of books being returned to the proper bins.

We have several strategies to use to provide a 'hook' to get students excited about a reading selection in a readers workshop in this free download.



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