New Teacher Survival Guide

As a new teacher your first posting could be to a place you have never heard of.

You will be the new teacher on the block and you will need to develop the skills necessary to make the transition from your comfortable home environment to one that is alien to you. You could be posted to a very remote country town when you have been city born and bred.

This and many other challenges are faced by teachers when they prepare to go to their posting and first classroom. It is good to have a survival guide written by teachers who have been there before you and can give you advice.

A Survival Guide in a New Teaching/Learning Environment for the Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher will provide you with this. This great resource ebook will offer advice on a range of topics listed below.  Read on to find out more.

For The New Teacher – Setting Up And Organising Your First Classroom

For the new teacher there is no better feeling, or more unsettling feeling, than entering your first classroom and suddenly having to acknowledge the fact that you have to set this room up for a group of students who will most likely have a very critical eye.

The first thing for you to consider is that the four walls will be a place for students to learn and you to teach. Look at the space provided within these four walls and set up the physical environment so it is a learning environment promoting all aspects of physical, social and psychological wellbeing.

Remember that your space is a valuable resource and it needs to help not hinder teaching and learning.

Make your own list of areas to consider:

    • room layout,
    • seating,
    • physical resources,
    • wall displays,
    • media equipment.
    • Consider what type of work you will be doing in each area. Will be doing:
    • group work,
    • one on one,
    • board work.

Within your classroom you will be educating yourself about areas such as the most effective ways to use resources; organise an utilise time, and how to pace each lesson. You need to feel the warm atmosphere of your room and when periods of unexpected instability occur. It is important that you be sensitive to learners need for time and personal space is also.

Enjoy your workspace and make your class room a safe and pleasant place to work and for your students to learn. See it as more than the walls, desks, chairs and equipment.

Topics Covered in this Survival Guide for the New Teacher

It can be very daunting to become a new teacher or going out to do your first practice teaching no matter how happy you are with your allocated posting. It can be very stressful trying to put everything you have learned together in the real world setting. Mostly you will find it fun, enjoyable and rewarding. This is how it should feel, so the authors have written this ebook to help you to de-stress and feel confident in tackling your new experience as a teacher.

The aim of this ebook is to assist you in the easiest possible way to comfortably start your chosen career of teaching. If you follow the steps presented in this ebook it will help you to have an easy transition into any new work situation.

Chapters in this ebook include :

Chapter 1. “Where on Earth is Edensville?”
Chapter 2. Getting to Know Your New Workplace.
Chapter 3. Setting Up Your Learning Area.
Chapter 4. You as the Teacher.
Chapter 5. What Are Your Plans?
Chapter 6. My Learning Area Rules and Zero Tolerance of Bullying.
Chapter 7. Know Your Students. The Importance of Learning Styles.
Chapter 8. Creativity in Teaching and Learning.
Chapter 9. Teaching a Solid Foundation in Mathematics and Language.
Chapter 10. Communicating with Parents.

So here is to you the new teacher – Happy Organising!


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Heather Collins

Heather Collins is an Early Childhood and Special Education Teacher who makes developmentally appropriate resources for teachers and parents to use with their children. She is author and co-author of poetry books and children’s books. She is a passionate collagist and has crafted beautiful finger puppets and story aprons suitable for early childhood education.

Her resources can be purchased on this website or she can be contacted at Create-Ed by emailing You can order an original apron for any favourite storybook.

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