Children Singing In The Classroom

Children Singing in Early Childhood

Children singing plays an important role in child development. Very early in our life we are introduced to singing whether it is by a parent, a TV show theme, The Wiggles, or music time at day care or Kindergarten. 

Children Singing in the Classroom

Singing is often repetitive and children learn quickly to embed in their memory the words to songs. This can enhance development of auditory, memory and oral learning. Most children can sing the ABC before they know its significance for literacy.

There are all kinds of ditties for remembering concepts and you may hear learners in you group singing softly to remember the days of the week or the calendar months.

Singing is a part of all educational curricula and it is a wise teacher who makes the most of its use. Not just at music time but across the curriculum. Children do not think of singing as work so it is seen as having elements of fun.

Children singing can be used as a strategy to increase enjoyment in an activity or in the learning of concepts. If you are using a thematic approach in some subjects don’t forget to include songs to expand knowledge. Use the strategies below and let the children sing!

Tips for the ‘Singing’ Teacher

  • Sharpen up your own singing skills. If you play an instrument then play to your learners. Do your learners play an instrument?
  • Seek out singing resources, books of songs, CD’s, and games to songs.
  • Make up songs and encourage learners to write songs and put poetry to music.
  • No learning area should be without a weekly sing along.
  • Use music and stories set to music in quiet times and introduce musicals such as ‘Peter and the Wolf’ to encourage listening and recognition of instruments.
  • Expose learners to a variety of different songs. Sing favourites as well as learning new songs.
  • Use age appropriate stage musicals for group work.
  • Have a list of singing venues available in the community and upgrade it each month.
  • Encourage attendance.
So teachers, clear your throat and start singing!!

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Heather Collins

Heather Collins is an Early Childhood and Special Education Teacher who makes developmentally appropriate resources for teachers and parents to use with their children. She is author and co-author of poetry books and children’s books. She is a passionate collagist and has crafted beautiful finger puppets and story aprons suitable for early childhood education.

Her resources can be purchased on this website or she can be contacted at Create-Ed by emailing You can order an original apron for any favourite storybook.

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