13 Tips For Stress Free School Excursions

Stress Free School Excursions - Is this Possible?

Do you feel a little anxiety when you know you have to include a school excursion in your curriculum?

School excursions are excellent learning environments for learners of all ages. There is no better experience than the practical application of an organized and well thought through excursion. The cementing of knowledge and concepts taught in the learning environment can be re-enforced in a practical setting when learners are exposed to learning outside the classroom.

How To Organize A Stress Free School Excursion

To organize an excursion, try the following.

  1. Planning is the key to success. Choose where in the curriculum you can use an excursion to best advantage.
  1. If possible visit the place for the excursion or gain as many details as possible by phone or email. Make clear your expectations and needs of the learners. Devise a program with the facility where the excursion will take place. Going in blind is NOT an option.
  1. Take into account the age and development of your learners. A full day is not appropriate for young learners.
  1. You may have a school or centre policy for excursions so familiarize yourself with its content.
  1. You will need help. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Send invitations to parents for assistance on the day. A parent may like to arrange the outing for you. Ask!! You will be pleasantly surprised.
  1. How are you going to get to your destination and home again? You may need to organize a bus.
  1. Permission slips and collection of monies, if applicable, need to be arranged early. State clearly in a newsletter all details of the excursion. Place a sign where it can easily be seen and read by parents and carers.
  1. Suggest appropriate clothing for the excursion. A uniform may not be appropriate for a trip to a farm.
  1. Make sure learners and helpers are well prepared. A small backpack with drinks and lunch is a good idea. Don’t forget your own!
  1. Make clear the rules for behaviour on the excursion. Discuss safety.
  1. The big day. You should be well prepared by now and not rushing about with last minute planning.
  1. Assign a small group of learners per helper (as per your policy). Small learners will feel more secure if they can walk in line holding onto a cord or rope. You can have loops on the cord so they remain together.
  1. Stick to your plan but be flexible for anything unforseen.

Have a great learning experience for learners and safe and stress free day for yourself and your helpers.


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      Heather Collins

      Heather Collins is an Early Childhood and Special Education Teacher who makes developmentally appropriate resources for teachers and parents to use with their children. She is author and co-author of poetry books and children’s books. She is a passionate collagist and has crafted beautiful finger puppets and story aprons suitable for early childhood education.

      Her resources can be purchased on this website or she can be contacted at Create-Ed by emailing heathercreated@gmail.com. You can order an original apron for any favourite storybook.

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