Decreasing Stress in Home Education

Decreasing stress in home education, whether this is homework or home schooling, allows you to identify the many and varied responsibilities that may be challenging.  One parent likened it to needing the knowledge of Homer; the patience of Job; and the courage of a lion. Within a family we hope for love; understanding; cooperation; recognition of our strengths and weaknesses; forgiveness for our blunders; and praise when we do well.
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18 Fun Facts about St Patrick’s Day for Kids

When it comes to worldwide celebrations, few festivities reach as far and wide as St. Patrick’s Day. Famous for colorful parades, shamrocks, Guinness, and leprechauns; St Patrick’s Day marks a historical date in Irish history yet retains a certain status as a new world phenomenon. That is to say, there is truth in the historical importance of this popular holiday, but there are also many surprising facts which illustrate the intriguing nature of what is now a global event.

With the above in mind, here are some of the most bizarre, unusual, interesting and fun facts about St. Patrick's Day:

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Why Do We Write On White?

It is a misconception that black type on white paper is the best combination for readers and writers. It is the most commonly used and probably the least expensive and is easy to read by a fair percentage of the population.
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Building Self Worth in Children

As parents we want our children to be confident and independent as learners. Self-worth plays an important role in a child’s ability to develop the skills necessary to become aware of how language works and how they can use language to develop social skills and build self-worth. Building self-worth in your children is a parenting skill you use every day. Children with high self-worth will achieve at their level of capability. Children with developing levels of self-worth will need more time and understanding to allow them to gain a healthy self-worth.
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Hand Washing - Make It Part of Your Teaching Routine

Hand washing is so important, because germs love schools. The nature of the school environment makes it an ideal place for germs to spread. There is a broad spectrum of microbes out there just waiting for the opportunity to re-infect and multiply - everything from the common cold right through to whooping cough.
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Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder is a neurological disorder of the nervous system where your child does not process sensory information in the usual way. When a child has sensory processing disorder their brain has difficulty organising and integrating sensory input involving touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision. This may cause challenges in learning and behaviours.
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How To Boost Self Esteem in Your Learners

If you want confident and independent learners it is essential you know how to boost self esteem in your learners. A classroom full of learners with high self-esteem will be a place where everyone achieves at their level of capability. Healthy self esteem is a solid foundation for life and helps determine success.
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Speaking and Listening - 10 Useful Tips

The importance of clear speaking and listening within a learning environment, by both teacher and learner, cannot be stressed enough. Imparting knowledge to learners within a learning situation requires that teachers are good communicators and learners are motivated to acquire the knowledge being taught.
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Homeschool Physical Education - Some Great Ideas!

Happily, as a homeschooling parent you have the opportunity to make fitness fun for your children. This will help them develop a healthy attitude towards active living that they will carry with them the rest of their life

It is easy to focus on the academic aspects of homeschooling and neglect the physical fitness side of things, but the benefits of an active lifestyle make it well worth the effort to make it a part of your homeschool day.

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How To Build Teamwork in Your Learners

Teamwork is a highly social activity allowing learners to practice social skills, communication, and consequences. It is an exchange of ideas and respecting of other learners ideas and opinions.
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