Safety In Cyberspace.

Safety in cyberspace is an essential issue for all parents to address in this age where many resources for improving children's literacy and numeracy skills are accessed online. Children now spend a lot of time on the internet using various devices. As a parent it is important for you to ensure that their time on the web is used constructively and not in areas that will put your child at risk.
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Homeschool Resources

As homeschool teachers we often try to go at it alone with nothing but a handful of curriculum catalogues and a few how to books to guide us. Most classroom teachers will tell you they would not be nearly as successful without their colleagues. Fellow teachers share ideas and brainstorm solutions to academic and behavior issues they are facing in their classroom. This networking provides a constant stream of new ideas and insures instruction does not grow stagnant. If they mention they need a creative way to teach adjectives they are sure to leave the teacher’s lounge with a dozen new ideas.
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Homeschooling With Multi-age Children

When homeschooling with multi-age children it can be very difficult to teach long division while your toddler is clamoring for attention. How can you keep little ones actively engaged while homeschooling your older children and not lose your mind? Toddlers...

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Literacy Websites for Use at Home

The following list of literacy websites recommended for use in the home or school contains but a few of the hundreds of sites that are available to support literacy development by undertaking a search on the internet.
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Reading for Children

In today’s world, many families find it challenging to make the time to allow reading to take a place of priority in the ever-increasing list of activities in which parents and children can be involved but it is vital that families consider reading important enough to give it the time it deserves and to promote it in the home.
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How To Assess The Readability of a Book

Reading is all about making meaning from what we read. Readability literally means how easy or difficult a book is for a reader to read and access the meaning.

There are numerous examples of readability formulas and scoring methods that have been developed by literacy researchers around the world and you can read about these on a number of websites but a general rule of thumb you can use at home is as follows:

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Questions to Ask Your Children To Help Them Understand What They Read

Children, especially young children who are just learning to read, can often say the words on the page but when asked questions about the story, or the information book, demonstrate that they have no understanding of what they have just read. Often they can be so busy using all their mental energy trying to decode each word that they simply lose the meaning.
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How to Help Children Understand Critical Literacy When Reading

Critical literacy involves readers in actively analysing texts in such a way as to discover underlying, as well as obvious, messages. This requires a critical and questioning approach when reading. It is much more than simply decoding the words and having a basic understanding of what they mean. Being critically literate enables a person to discuss with other people the different meanings a text might have and encourages readers to be flexible in their thinking about what a text is actually saying to them as well as other readers.
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What is Phonics - Helping Your Child Master Phonics

What is Phonics (the Sounds of Language)

Learning to master phonics is part of your child's development. Phonics is the connection between letters and sounds in our language. Phonemes are the small units of sound that make up a word and graphemes are the way we write the sounds.

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How to Choose Books for, and with, Your Children

From a very early age, children love books: receiving books as gifts, or enjoying selecting a range of books from the local school or town libraries. They are never too young to join a library and to begin choosing books that catch their eye. By being members of a library they will have access to thousands of books to read without the financial burden of your having to purchase them. However, how to choose books to enhance their reading is sometimes a challenge.
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Homeschooling In The Kitchen

Many of our best family memories are often made in the kitchen. Besides all the delicious cooking that goes on there just think of all the potential for ‘unschooled’ learning.  Cooking is packed with natural science and math lessons as...

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