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Interacting With Children

Parents who place their children in childcare do so with the expectation that the child’s physiological and psychological needs will be met. A major part of meeting these needs depends how well the carer is interacting with the children and will influence learning and development.
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Creativity and Learning in the Early Childhood and Primary School Years

As new teachers and eventually experienced classroom teachers we must be aware that creativity and learning in our learners has no boundaries unless we are guilty of applying them. Our teaching strategies should positively reflect this. As teachers we need to understand  that children are creative beings. They have a natural curiosity which encourages them to gain an understanding, through exploration and experiment, of the possibilities in their environment.
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14 Tips for Smart Teachers

As a teacher you will use up a lot of energy teaching learners. Using up physical and emotional energy may find you depleted and tired. Talking most of the day; planning lessons; dealing with challenging children; being available and contributing at peer meetings; setting up the environment so it is interesting and challenging; dealing with parents; finding time to eat, drink and go to the toilet; and topping it all off with professional development, are all part of a teachers busy week.
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