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Balance and Coordination

Balance is the ability to maintain and co-ordinate a controlled body position no matter what activity we are doing. We need to be able to maintain our balance and co-ordination whether we are still or moving. Balance and coordination are multi-sensory skills requiring proper functioning of the vestibular system. It allows the body to maintain controlled positions when performing tasks.
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Fostering Talent and Giftedness in Learners

As parents and teachers we need to encourage skills in children so they can recognize what their talents and gifts might be.  We are all good at something it is just a matter of being exposed to as many experiences as possible so we can recognize our talents. Whether your child is gifted or talented, or both, here are a few suggestions to encourage their development.
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Children’s Bed Time Strategies

Establishing a bed time routine for your children can be both rewarding and challenging. If you find routine difficult then you are not alone. It can be hard work to cater for more than one child at bedtime as often they have different needs and personalities. It has been suggested that one of the best children's bed time strategies is for you follow a routine with children. You will find that it may be slow going at the beginning but persistence will pay off.
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