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How To Assess The Readability of a Book

Reading is all about making meaning from what we read. Readability literally means how easy or difficult a book is for a reader to read and access the meaning.

There are numerous examples of readability formulas and scoring methods that have been developed by literacy researchers around the world and you can read about these on a number of websites but a general rule of thumb you can use at home is as follows:

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Describe Your Classmate to Encourage Writing with Details

Schools everywhere are always looking for new ways to increase the quality of their students’ writing, and it seems as if many educators say that one area where their students fall short is in writing with details.  Using a describing a classmate activity is a great way to start.
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Questions to Ask Your Children To Help Them Understand What They Read

Children, especially young children who are just learning to read, can often say the words on the page but when asked questions about the story, or the information book, demonstrate that they have no understanding of what they have just read. Often they can be so busy using all their mental energy trying to decode each word that they simply lose the meaning.
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