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Humour and Laughter in the Learning Environment

Using laughter as a teaching tool will strengthen your relationship with your learners and attract them to you for positive interactions. This promotes bonding of adults and children, enhances team work, and can help to defuse conflict.
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Show and Tell - The Importance of Being Important

As teachers we are always amused by the honesty of children. The beautiful 3 year old who will announce to the group very personal information about their family. We mostly keep this to ourselves and encourage ways of more appropriate use and timing of language. This can be achieved with well planned “Show and Tell”.
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Scientific Literacy in Education.

The fascination of science and how nature works is an area of the curriculum where parents and teachers can excel in motivating a keen interest in learners. Encouraging and catering to learners' enquiring minds goes a long way to having them display a strong interest in scientific knowledge.
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