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Handwriting is one of the most complex behaviours we learn and continue to perform. Organising our thoughts on paper is far more difficult than processing speech. Handwriting is one of the building blocks for becoming literate. It promotes our visual memory and encourages a certain level of unconscious skill to automate the process of graphic maturity. With practice and consistent exposure handwriting becomes fluent.
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Fun Facts and Easter Traditions Around the World

As opposed to most annual celebrations, Easter takes place on a different date in either March or April every year and commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, what has any of this got to do with the Easter Bunny or chocolate eggs? Well, decorating eggs was an ancient tradition of great significance, and for many centuries, Christians believed that these eggs were an important symbol for new life and resurrection.
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Decreasing Stress in Home Education

Decreasing stress in home education, whether this is homework or home schooling, allows you to identify the many and varied responsibilities that may be challenging.  One parent likened it to needing the knowledge of Homer; the patience of Job; and the courage of a lion. Within a family we hope for love; understanding; cooperation; recognition of our strengths and weaknesses; forgiveness for our blunders; and praise when we do well.
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